Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Tenatch participated in the "AICHI CO-CREATION STARTUP PROGRAM 2022 DemoDay"

●About me
My name is Shota. I am a university student interning at Tenatch.

●What we did
Tenatch participated in the "AICHI CO-CREATION STARTUP PROGRAM 2022 DemoDay" held at "WeWork Global Gate Nagoya" on October 20.

I made a presentation as a representative at the presentation session.
Tenatch created the plan in cooperation with Toyohashi City,
Aichi Prefecture's 一宮商工会議所.
Our mentor was Mr. Yutaka Shinohara.

●Our Goals
We "Tenatch" are an organization that works to solve local issues with technology.
This time, we came up with a way to restore a local shopping district that is becoming a shuttered shopping mall.

Tenatch believes that stores face three main challenges:
the inability to come to terms with rent, the lack of customers due to the proliferation of e-commerce, and the lack of advertising. 
Therefore, we propose the company's service, "Co-Retailing" a concept that allows multiple stores to be combined into a retail space.

Through this program, Tenatch hopes to enter the Japanese market by conducting interviews in the shopping district in 一宮 City.

●Q&A with the judges
Q. Where will the project take place?
I responded "We will conduct a site visit with more hearings in the future regarding the location".

●Impressions after participating
Although Tenatch was not selected as a recipient of support, we are glad that our business plan seemed to have made a good impression on the local government.
We also feel that it was a step forward for us to have our business plan known by the local government in Japan.