Sunday, December 25, 2022

About me

 Hello Everyone😊


I'm Miki from Japan and new to Toronto about 4 months ago.

Because in order to study customer service and of course English at College. Then also I'm joining with Tenatch as internship right now;)

 I was raised in Shimane prefecture part of Japan and then moved to Tokyo when I was University.  Then I majored in International relations.

(This is the most famous historical shrine in Shimane, which is Izumotaisha.)

During my freshman year of university, I went to Seattle for six months to study abroad. This was a wonderful experience for me and a precious way to learn about foreign cultures. That's the one of the reason I decided to come here as study abroad again.

After graduated my University, I have worked at clinic as receptionist also medical work in Japan. However, when I thought about what I was missing every day and what I wanted to do with my life in the future, I decided I wanted to do something different especially after covid.

So now I'm here Toronto:)

I believe that this is the amazing opportunity to start something new and I would be happy to be a chance for people to get to know about Tenatch!!  

Then I would like to grow up with Tenatch.

Anyway nice to see you and thank you for reading.😊

Thursday, December 22, 2022


【About me】 
I’m Riko Enkyo, who started an internship from this month. I’ll be mainly responsible for the advertising at TENATCH. 

I’m a university student in Japan and learning about movie theories there. I was interested in advertising from before, and I played an advertising role in a university club and a volunteer group for Filipino children. 
The flyer for a volunteer event
In addition, I have interests in SDGs and learned about local business. I had experiences of listening to people in Rikuzentakata who suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake. I learned how to develop the business adjusting the local cities’ situation. 
SDGs goals related to what I learned
From these things, I became one of the members in TENATCH to contribute using my experiences. 

 【My Goal】
My goal is to let people know about TENATCH activities through video and advertisement! I'll try to spread the many attractions of TENATCH and support local businesses by making use of my skills.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Tenatch participated in the "AICHI CO-CREATION STARTUP PROGRAM 2022 DemoDay"

●About me
My name is Shota. I am a university student interning at Tenatch.

●What we did
Tenatch participated in the "AICHI CO-CREATION STARTUP PROGRAM 2022 DemoDay" held at "WeWork Global Gate Nagoya" on October 20.

I made a presentation as a representative at the presentation session.
Tenatch created the plan in cooperation with Toyohashi City,
Aichi Prefecture's ä¸€å®®å•†å·¥ä¼šè­°æ‰€.
Our mentor was Mr. Yutaka Shinohara.

●Our Goals
We "Tenatch" are an organization that works to solve local issues with technology.
This time, we came up with a way to restore a local shopping district that is becoming a shuttered shopping mall.

Tenatch believes that stores face three main challenges:
the inability to come to terms with rent, the lack of customers due to the proliferation of e-commerce, and the lack of advertising. 
Therefore, we propose the company's service, "Co-Retailing" a concept that allows multiple stores to be combined into a retail space.

Through this program, Tenatch hopes to enter the Japanese market by conducting interviews in the shopping district in 一宮 City.

●Q&A with the judges
Q. Where will the project take place?
I responded "We will conduct a site visit with more hearings in the future regarding the location".

●Impressions after participating
Although Tenatch was not selected as a recipient of support, we are glad that our business plan seemed to have made a good impression on the local government.
We also feel that it was a step forward for us to have our business plan known by the local government in Japan.

Friday, October 28, 2022