Thursday, December 22, 2022


【About me】 
I’m Riko Enkyo, who started an internship from this month. I’ll be mainly responsible for the advertising at TENATCH. 

I’m a university student in Japan and learning about movie theories there. I was interested in advertising from before, and I played an advertising role in a university club and a volunteer group for Filipino children. 
The flyer for a volunteer event
In addition, I have interests in SDGs and learned about local business. I had experiences of listening to people in Rikuzentakata who suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake. I learned how to develop the business adjusting the local cities’ situation. 
SDGs goals related to what I learned
From these things, I became one of the members in TENATCH to contribute using my experiences. 

 【My Goal】
My goal is to let people know about TENATCH activities through video and advertisement! I'll try to spread the many attractions of TENATCH and support local businesses by making use of my skills.

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