Thursday, April 20, 2023

self introduction

 Hello everyone. I’m Yuriko Oriyama😊

I’m studying flute in university. Born and raised in Tokyo. I'm working as a part time job at cafe and bookstore. I often perform a play in English and Japanese with anyone from children to adults. 

I applied this intern because I want broaden my horizon and talk with a lot of people whom I didn't have meet. Also this intern available communicate in English, it is interesting for me. In Japan, its available meeting Japanese, however they have same culture. Talking with foreign people is exciting. I feel that we can communicate though we have different backgrounds.

In my future, I want to work in foreign country and touch different culture. My friends who had been study abroad, makes me feel they are being active and open-minded. 

In my junior high school, I had participated wind orchestra club. Since then I play the flute for 8 years. Also, I play the piano. I have a dog and a bird. This is my dog's photo.

My hobby: watching anime, reading comics, nature

Recently, I watch Dororo. This anime's story based on Osamu Tezuka's comics. If you interested this anime, let's talk with me!