Friday, December 25, 2020

Holy Chuck! That's a Good Burger!

 Do you like hamburgers?

If you like it, you should go to HOLY CHUCK!

The shop is a 1-minute walk from St Clair Station.

Look at the appearance of the store. It looks very cute, doesn't it?

Currently, you cannot eat or drink in the store due to the influence of the coronavirus, but you can take out or eat on the patio.

You can see many menus when you enter the shop. The price is not cheap, but if you want to eat a nice hamburger, you may try it.

I was very worried because there were too many menus. In the end, I ordered THE HOLY CHUCK burger and my friend ordered a cheeseburger.

When you place an order, the meat will be grilled right in front of you. The meat was juicy and very delicious, so I will try other types of burgers again!

The size is not so different from Japanese hamburgers. So you will be able to eat everything by yourself.

The bag also has a cow drawn on it and is very cute.

There is also one store near bloom-yonge station. You can order directly at the store, but you can also use Uber.

If you like hamburgers, why don't you go to HOLY CHUCK and try various menus?

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Doors Open Event

Do you know “Doors Open”? This is a big annual event in Toronto.

This is a precious opportunity that our citizens can get a green light to see inside more than 150 of historically, culturally, architecturally and socially significant buildings across the city usually we cannot gain entry.

This is held for two days, 4th Saturday and Sunday in May (some buildings open only one day). You should search for a place where you want to on the website in advance. You do not need to get any special ticket for this event.

All free!!

I visited the old city hall and Toronto’s first post office. 

The old city hall is one of the famous historical buildings built in1899.
This building is used as a court. 

It is possible to enter if you pass a security gate, but usually, it’s not opened to the public.
Toronto’s first office built in 1833 is attached to a museum of the history of this post office.

You can visit the museum, or experience how people wrote a letter at that time.
The picture I posted above the right is what I wrote then.
It was a precious experience because you can hardly have a chance to write a letter with tools used at other times.

For your information, some places have specific rules(ex: cannot use a tripod), so please check it before you visit there,

It’s time to get into buildings that you have been interested in:)

Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

Art Gallery of Ontario located near Saint Patrick station is one of the famous galleries in Toronto. If you like arts, you should go there!!
This monument design in front of the building is sometimes changed depending on events
(when I went there, it was basketball season).

Good for us, every Wednesday night (6 pm to 9 pm) is free.
Besides, age 25 and under can get AGO annual pass for free.
Visit the website for more detail.

They have a lot of kinds of exhibitions, for instance, modern arts, europian arts, sculptures…almost paintings.
Sometimes they held a special exhibition.
When I went there, the exhibition of “Yaoi Kusama” a famous Japanese artist was held.
If you want to see a special exhibition, you have to register at the entrance beforehand.

The room design is also unique and impressive.

When you visit, a small bag is preferred for taking.
If you have a big bag like a backpack, you have to line up in a big queue for the security check.

Visit AGO to see a bunch of great arts!!!

Japanese Traditional "Noh" World (Japanese, English)



十人いれば十通りの受け取り方があり、演者の解釈によって同じ演目でも魅せ方が異なります。 あらすじは決まっていてもそれ以上は各々が生み出すものであり、
 Japanese Traditional “Noh” World   
Do you know the word "Noh"?
Noh is one of the traditional Japanese performing arts that has been handed down since ancient times,
and it has been passed down for more than 600 years.
Despite being a historic performing art that was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2008,
the details are not widely known even in Japan.
I had not any knowledge of what Noh is like before I met the Noh club at university.
So now, I, was part of the Noh world even for a short period, would like to introduce the truth of this world.
In the first place, the word "Noh" refers to two words, "Kyogen" and "Noh".
On one hand, Kyogen is a play made based on the life of the common people,
and it is like manzai comedy in modern times.
On the other hand, Noh is a play based on mysterious and spiritual things such as myth and paranormal phenomena
and is it easy to understand when explained as a Japanese version of classical opera.
As I learned more about Noh, I was more and more drawn into the world of Noh, which was ever so deep and beautiful art.
The tools mainly used in Noh are masks, costumes, fans, and set pieces.
The masks are a signature tool for this performing art.
Various masks are used depending on the character,
and the expressionless side becomes a mask with a thousand expressions depending on how performers act.
In addition, it is interesting that each facial expression is different even if it is the same kind of mask
because they are made by artisans one by one.
Costumes, which are stage costumes, vary depending on the characters’ status and personality,
and the pattern and color are roughly defined depending on the role in which they are played.
For example, when a young woman is performed, a costume colored bright red is used.
You can enjoy it more deeply if you have such knowledge.
It looks gorgeous, but because they wear many kimonos on top of each other, some of them are heavy and weigh more than 20 kilograms.
The acting of Noh performers who dance gracefully even though they wear such a heavy costume is a masterpiece.
And next, they use a fan is also one of the essential tools.
The pattern is different depending on the role in which the fan is used,
and it becomes property to express various things such as a sake cap or a sliding door.
If you have one fan, you can become any character.
Since the main character is basically on the stage, it may be a device to shed properties as much as possible.
On the other hand, the large tools which are used as the set pieces are called tsukurimono.
This is already defined by a title.
The largest one is the size like a bell in a temple, or there are some titles that do not use at all.
I think Noh is a play that creates space.
It is felt that the root of Noh is for offering to God, the stage in which it is performed is minimally narrow,
and the tool is extremely few and the emphasis is placed on acting.
Creating an infinite space on a narrow stage, more to say is a way of enchanting the audience to feel the space.
If there are ten people, there are ten ways to receive them, and depending on how they are interpreted by the performers.
Even if the synopsis is decided, the other things are produced by each one,
and this flexibility is the reason why it has fascinated people up to now and has been passed down for more than 600 years.
This unintelligibility is a traditional Japanese culture created by the Japanese who are sensitive to abstract things and sensitive stuff.
In this way, it is clear that Noh is not easy to understand,
but when you step into it, you can realize that the world of traditional Japanese theater is really deep and interesting.
However, it is also true that it is still in danger of survival.
I hope that more people will learn about the charm of Noh,
and that the day will come when Noh will spread not only to Japan but also to the world.
I hope that one day it will become one of the most popular plays in Canada.

Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)

The summer in Canada is shorter than in Japan. Do you want to enjoy the summer in Toronto?? You should go to the Canadian National Exhibition!!! 
CNE is the biggest summer event in Toronto. It’s held from mid-August to Labour Day (18 days) at Exhibition Place located near Ontario Lake.
This fair is a carnival including a shopping area, exhibitions, live entertainment, a large carnival midway with rides, foods, etc…
It is so exciting and I’m sure it’s going to be a pretty good memory in Toronto.

The main entertainment of CNE is rides and food.
When you’d like to ride, you have to have coupon tickets or a daily pass.
Every ride is defined that how many coupons do you need when you ride (almost 5 or 6 per one person),
but If you have a daily ticket, you can ride whatever you want without coupon tickets.
You can buy tickets online or at the entrance (online is cheaper if you get it early).
There are two kinds of the ticket, Admission Pass and Ride All Day Pass (including admission fee and unlimited rides).
Or there is also fast pass that is a bit expensive.
That’s a good way if you don’t have enough time because CNE is really busy.
Daytime is good as the picture I posted, and night time is also pretty good as well.
The night of CNE is really famous for its colorful night.
Every food track and rides are lighted with electric spectaculars, so it is going to be more crowded when it is getting dark.
The atmosphere is so exciting and you could feel that you were in a movie world.

There is one word of caution, almost food tracks accept only cash, so don’t forget to take it.

Enjoy your summer!! :)