Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)

The summer in Canada is shorter than in Japan. Do you want to enjoy the summer in Toronto?? You should go to the Canadian National Exhibition!!! 
CNE is the biggest summer event in Toronto. It’s held from mid-August to Labour Day (18 days) at Exhibition Place located near Ontario Lake.
This fair is a carnival including a shopping area, exhibitions, live entertainment, a large carnival midway with rides, foods, etc…
It is so exciting and I’m sure it’s going to be a pretty good memory in Toronto.

The main entertainment of CNE is rides and food.
When you’d like to ride, you have to have coupon tickets or a daily pass.
Every ride is defined that how many coupons do you need when you ride (almost 5 or 6 per one person),
but If you have a daily ticket, you can ride whatever you want without coupon tickets.
You can buy tickets online or at the entrance (online is cheaper if you get it early).
There are two kinds of the ticket, Admission Pass and Ride All Day Pass (including admission fee and unlimited rides).
Or there is also fast pass that is a bit expensive.
That’s a good way if you don’t have enough time because CNE is really busy.
Daytime is good as the picture I posted, and night time is also pretty good as well.
The night of CNE is really famous for its colorful night.
Every food track and rides are lighted with electric spectaculars, so it is going to be more crowded when it is getting dark.
The atmosphere is so exciting and you could feel that you were in a movie world.

There is one word of caution, almost food tracks accept only cash, so don’t forget to take it.

Enjoy your summer!! :)

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