Friday, December 25, 2020

Holy Chuck! That's a Good Burger!

 Do you like hamburgers?

If you like it, you should go to HOLY CHUCK!

The shop is a 1-minute walk from St Clair Station.

Look at the appearance of the store. It looks very cute, doesn't it?

Currently, you cannot eat or drink in the store due to the influence of the coronavirus, but you can take out or eat on the patio.

You can see many menus when you enter the shop. The price is not cheap, but if you want to eat a nice hamburger, you may try it.

I was very worried because there were too many menus. In the end, I ordered THE HOLY CHUCK burger and my friend ordered a cheeseburger.

When you place an order, the meat will be grilled right in front of you. The meat was juicy and very delicious, so I will try other types of burgers again!

The size is not so different from Japanese hamburgers. So you will be able to eat everything by yourself.

The bag also has a cow drawn on it and is very cute.

There is also one store near bloom-yonge station. You can order directly at the store, but you can also use Uber.

If you like hamburgers, why don't you go to HOLY CHUCK and try various menus?

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