Tuesday, January 17, 2023



Hello! My name is Yuri Fujiwara, and I'm from Japan.

I'm studying international liberal studies in Tokyo. I was also working part time job as a cram school teacher and a home tutor to give lessons.

(The view of my university)

I came to Toronto last September as an exchange student to broaden my horizon and improve my English. Now I'm learning political ecology and geopolitical issues. In one of my classes, my hometown was introduced as an example of small and community-oriented urban place. (Tokyo Eye 2019_1.VOB (dropbox.com)) (Tokyo Eye 2019_2.VOB (dropbox.com))

One of the points I really like Toronto is that people and the government accept diversity.

I applied to the internship in Tenatch because I was interested in the principle to help local issues and businesses. I also think that, through dealing with such issues, I can find the political problem which is the root cause of them.

I'll do my very best to help, so thank you for letting me participate.

[about myself]

I was living in New York until the age of 6, and after that I moved to Tokyo. I like to listen to music, watch anime, and bake sweets. My favorite idol Twice released a new song on 1/20! I hope you'll listen to it :)  (TWICE Pre-release english track "MOONLIGHT SUNRISE" M/V - YouTube

I also really like to travel and experience various cultures.

Thank you for reading!

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