Monday, October 28, 2019

Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche is a huge art event held on the first Saturday of October. The event name comes from French and it means “the white night”. In other words, this is an opportunity for enjoying arts overnight and the day that the city of Toronto becomes an art museum! It was my first time going to Nuit blanche and I was really excited.

It was fun to walk around the downtown area since it was obviously different from normal days. Though it was a late night, there were still tons of people who are enjoying arts and taking pictures. I found a big  globe stick and a huge object of hands near Toronto city hall.


The hands were much more bigger than people and the color sometimes changed white to purple, and the smoke were around those. The atmosphere was really mysterious.

Then, I went to 150 York St to experience Kaleidoscope, created by Alejandro Figueroa. I saw a long waiting line since it is an interactive installation and definitely good for posting on instagram. I waited for about an hour to come in the front line and finally could see how it looks like.  It was like a small triangle and the pattern of digital art inside was changing every 3 seconds. People were enjoying various types of poses like a model while they were inside and I did the same thing!


I would like to be honest when I write articles, so I tell you the truth:

picture looked much more beautiful than looking with my eyes. It is totally for instagram lovers. Therefore, I don’t recommend you to wait more than an hour if you are not interested in taking photos!

Next, I saw the art called transformation. The message though the art is the urgent need to protect our ravaraged planet, according to the official website of Toronto Nuit Blanche. I was sure lots of people were attracted by the image photo and went to the exhibited place.


Hmm...what I saw was pretty different from the image photo? But it’s still looked great!

Actually, not only artworks that I introduced in this article, but most of the artworks were not same as what I saw on the website, but it still looked beautiful and I like the idea having an important message with art works. For example, The artist Fezz Stenton and Daniel Lanois who made transformation say that this project is showing concern about our planet. It is a call for everyone to work together and support people who are addressing to the today’s environment issues. I learned art is not only for taking
pictures, but also for sharing important messages from artists and making a place to discuss. 

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