Friday, October 18, 2019


Type books is a privately owned bookstore loved by man and women of all age. Located in Queens Street West known as lots of cool retail stores, you can feel the unique and friendly mood once you enter the store.

There is a cute shelve for the recommended books in the middle. It is carefully selected by book-lover staffs and each book has a bookmark written their name to figure out who recommends the book. This is very popular among customers and everyone relies on their sense of picking books, according to my friend who often goes to the store.
It can be a good opportunity to try different genre and open the new world.


One of the big attractive points for me about TYPE BOOKS is “depth and the wide range”. Though it is a small store compared to big chain bookstores, various types of categories exist such as books on design, cooking, poetries, novels, and each category is sorted more finely. For example, I can see graphic design, interior design, architecture, typography and things like that when I look at the design section, and it makes us more possible to reach what we really look for. Also, you may meet the one that you cannot find at another store since how they purchase books can be different from others, and that’s what I like about exploring privately owned bookstore.


I can enjoy the store even if I don’t buy anything. Books and magazines which are lined up on shelves are super cute and I cannot help taking pictures. My favorite area has a red wall and a pretty chandelier, and tons of colorful books are around the room. It was only me at that time so I enjoyed browsing some books. It was such an enjoyable time for me.


More and more people tend to buy books at amazon and electronic books are also major nowadays, but the special things about Type books are “the uniqueness” and “the experience”. You will see a wide variety of books at once inside the store and it can spread your interest. Also, you can check out if it’s for you or not by opening those or ask questions to the friendly staff members.

Lastly, it is definitely a good plan going to a neighbor café after you explore the bookstore. There are lots of nice place for coffee….! :)

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