Friday, June 2, 2023

Abura soba food truck business


I would like to share my business idea that I am confident will succeed in Toronto.

It is an Abura soba food truck.

If you are Japanese or individuals who have lived in Japan, you should be familiar with Abura soba.

Abura soba is a kind of Japanese ramen. Unlike traditional ramen, it does not contain a soup broth, instead, it is in a flavorful sauce and topped with various ingredients. It is so popular in Japan.

Abura Soba

Ramen has become famous in Toronto City since a lot of ramen shops can be seen, yet Abura soba is not well recognized. As an abura soba lover, I am eager to introduce this delightful dish to Torontonian.

One good advantage of selling abura soba is its low-cost price. Abura soba consists of only noodles, sauce, and various toppings. Soup, which costs the most is not necessary, making its selling price as low as 10 CAD, which is a very affordable option to customers' choice.

Why a food truck?

Considering the simplicity of cooking Abura soba, a food truck is a suitable option. Compared to a normal restaurant, a food truck business needs lower overhead costs. Eliminating rent is especially huge and the smaller space needs less management. It is great for a startup. 
A food truck can move in different areas to target busy areas, times, and events in order to maximize potential profit.

I believe that Abura soba has the possibility of becoming one of the most popular foods in Toronto. I heard that many foreign travelers have fallen in love with Abura soba in Japan. it indicates its appeal to diverse international customers. Moreover, my previous workplace serves a similar noodle to abura soba, and I realized that it was popular. From my experience, I am sure that this business will work out and Abura soba will be established as one food option in Toronto. 

Thank you for reading this article about my business idea.

I hope I will make it come true in the future.

See you.

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