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Finally, long winter season finished and temperature is getting warm, which means a lot of events will be held in Toronto more toward summer season! There will be a variety of events like film festival, music concert, summer party, culture event, and sort of those things. This time around, I want to share an event that I`m interested in. That is FAN EXPO Canada.

FAN EXPO Canada is the largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming event in Canada and the third-largest Pop Culture event in North America. In the event, you can enjoy purchasing items of pop culture contents, seeing showcases, meeting people who has something in common, cosplay, shows, and so on.

The most attractive thing of the event for me is celebrity guests above all the others. Every year, some Hollywood celebrities come to this event. And you can take a picture with them or get autograph of them. In addition, if you are lucky or have enough time, you could have a chat with them a little bit. You must pay money for those things, instead of that, you can meet them 100%. As a one of big movie fans, this is great opportunity. You can see celebrities at Toronto Film Festival as well, but if you want to see them at there, you must have luck, guts and energy because it wouldn`t be confirmed and makes you wait for a couple of hours to succeed it (It doesn`t matter for me though). 

If you like any pop culture, it will have to be exciting experience, so you shouldn`t miss the opportunity. Every time, contents of the event, shops, celebrity guests are changed, so once you miss it, I would say that you can never see same things. And there are a couple of event-exclusive items. Furthermore, the event is like a huge community which people who has same interests each other, then their connection would expand through this event. Therefore, to not miss one-time stuffs and make connections, you better go there.

As I explained about the event above, it is festival for pop culture fans around the world. To put it another way, it is "otaku"(Japanese word) festival. So obviously, the main target audiences for the event is various otakus including me. Nowadays, the amount of those people are increasing, and they create a positive economic effect. I`m also probably going to join a part of them.

I hope you got interested in the event through this blog!

Details of the events

URL: https://fanexpohq.com/fanexpocanada/

Date: August 24 - 27, 2023

Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Thank you for reading! 

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