Friday, October 27, 2023

HACK.BAR in Kobe

Hi everyone,

I'm Keitaro. This time, I'd like to introduce a unique bar in Kobe, HACK.BAR. In this bar, you can enjoy cocktails named after programming language and chat with software engineers!


At the entrance, you'll find a selection of technical books about programming.

The bartenders are also engineers and they can introduce you to their products and the source code displayed on the big monitor. They are high experts and very friendly. You can ask any questions If you are interested in!

The most intriguing part is their drink menu. The cocktail names are based on programming languages. You're sure to find something that interests you! Of course popular drinks are available as well.

Can you guess which drink I had?

The answer is.. Typescript! The color matches the language's logo color. Anyway, it was sweet and tasted great.

The bar is located at Sannomiya, the largest station in Kobe. If you visit Kobe and are interested in programming, I highly recommend this place!

Thank you for reading!😊


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