Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Nice to meet you!

Hello, everyone,

My name is Keitaro Hirano. I'm a web developer. I'm joining Tenatch as an intern and I'm very happy to be here! I was looking for an opportunity to gain interesting experiences and I found this internship program through Kobe engineer's community. I wanted to learn English and create helpful products with new programming languages. So this internship is perfect for me!

I live in Kobe now. It's a really nice city with mountains and ocean. I have two children and I go to the beach with them almost every weekend during summer. There is the second largest suspension bridge and I love this beautiful scene.

My children and me

Akashi bridge

Besides, I also love Canada. 10 years ago, I visited Toronto to see my girl friend. Nostalgic!lol Buildings and nature are so beautiful. Especially Canadian people are friendly and I don't know of any city with such diversity. I hope to visit the country again!

By the way, I love watching movies and playing soccer. I had never played soccer 2 years ago, but I joined a local soccer team's class and start playing!  Although it is challenging, I learned many useful lessons for my life! (Did you know that the word "soccer" is derived from "association", which hints as its social nature?)

Lastly, let me talk about my current job. I'm working in Japanese IT company and making a web marketing software, time scheduling application and mobile app. The company's office is in Tokyo, but I usually work from home remotely. I wish my experiences will be helpful for Tenatch's business. 

Ok, that's all. I'm so glad if we could talk a lot. So don't hesitate to talk to me or ask me any questions!

Thank you for your attention!

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