Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Business ideas!


I'm Keitaro. Today, I'd like to introduce my three business ideas! 

1. Picture Book Sharing Service

Parents often buy many picture books for their babies. However, as babies grow quickly, they stop reading picture books soon. In many cases, these books remain good enough to read. Considering the prices of picture books are not so low, how about giving these books to other new parents? I believe this approach is eco-friendly and good for education. Moreover, with the rising costs of raising children becoming a major concern, this service could save the cost. Of course, a part of the service's fee should be paid to the book's publisher.

2. Community Assistance Application for Apartment Residents

Helping our neighbors is very important for our society and personal happiness. I live in an apartment and I believe there's more we can do to support each other. For example, some residents may need small assistance in their daily lives like carrying heavy items, fixing computers and preparing dinner. Within an apartment or condominium, there could be many people who can and want to help these people.  Also, moving in the same building is easy because it isn't influenced by the weather. I'm thinking about making an application to match these individuals. 

3. Casual Sports Bar in Japan

Sports can be more enjoyable when watched with someone. The sports bar is one of the best places for watching. However, in Japan, the sports bar can little bit hard to enter. Of course, everyone is welcome. The issue is that some people feel so. Additionally, sports bars usually exist only in urban areas. So it isn't accessible for many people. I want to make a sports bar close to my home and I want to enjoy watching sports with people!

What do you think of my ideas? I hope to execute these ideas someday!

Thank you for reading!

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