Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Differences between Tokyo Disney Land and Orland Disney world

 Last week, I visited to 2 theme parks of Disney World in Orlando, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. I`ve seen and thought so many differences from Tokyo Disney Land, so I`d like to talk about it.

1. Size

Orlando one is literally "world". It has 4 theme parks and water parks, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon. In addition, it has a variety of official Disney hotels in the area. It`s too huge to walk through from a park to another one. So I had to use a bus to move to park to park. Tokyo one also has 2 theme parks and is big enough that people hang around, but you don`t have to use transportation to go to another theme park from a one where you are.

2. Live action movie area

Orlando one has specific areas that is based on live action movie which became one of Disney movies later in each theme parks. When it comes to parks that I visited, Hollywood Studios has Star Wars area, and Animal Kingdom has Avatar area. Both areas are made elaborately, so not only kids, but also even huge adult fans of those movies can be satisfied with quality. I was touched and excited as a one of movie fan. On the other hand, in Tokyo one, there are no sort of those kinds of areas. I mean there are attractions which is based on live action movies too, but they are just a part of a specific genre theme area. For instance, Star Wars attraction is located in the area which is called "Tomorrow Land". It is kind of future and science area but not "Star Wars" area. Instead of that, there are many specific Disney animation areas like Aladdin, Little Mermaid, beauty and beast, Toy Story and more new ones they are constructing now. I guess there are more animation movie demands for Japanese than the U.S.

3. Guests

I`ve seen a bunch of family group in Orlando one. Of course there are families in Tokyo one too but not as much as Orlando. Actually, when I told my coworkers that I would go to Disney World, she said that it`s been a while since she had been there with her family when she was child. However, in Tokyo one, you can see more young people and that they hang out with their partner or friends there. So I think there is different typical image for Disney parks each other country. In U.S., people think that Disney parks are for family more like for children, in contrast, in Japan, people think that it is for not only family but also for young people. This is just my conjecture.

I had fun with Disney World itself and also differences from Tokyo one. To be honest, no other Disney theme parks can be better than Disney World. It is original and the best. By the way, it was one of my bucket list, so I`m pleased it`s completed. Eventually, I`d like to go the other 2 more areas that I couldn`t make it.

Thank you for reading.

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