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Business idea: organizing hands-on events of cooking Japanese traditional sweets in Toronto

 Hey everyone, it's Akiko. Today, I would like to talk about my business idea that I want to actualize in the future, intertwined with what I have studied in my home university and during the exchange year. It is to organize events that offer hands-on opportunities to cook Japanese traditional sweets for those who live in Toronto, to spread more and more about how fascinating Japanese foods are. 

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This idea is inspired by the course that I took during the exchange year. I frequently went to historical museums to learn about the history and culture of food in Canada and hands-on cooking and eating experience helped me to profoundly appreciate not only the history and culture of food, but also that of Canada as well. 

I believe that this opportunity to experience cooking Japanese traditional sweets and typical homemade dishes not only attracts those who are interested in Japanese food culture but also those who are eager to try new food as being in such a multicultural city, Toronto.

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Wagashi, a Japanese artistic confectionary that is made by craftsmen, has many varieties. The basis of these sweets are mainly starch syrup, rice cake, and sweet red bean pastes. In Japan, Wagashi is known as the reflection of the Japanese 4 seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter), and the festivals that we have during each season.

The reason why I chose Wagashi out of all the other Japanese traditional food is that I assume these sweets would be appealing to more potential customers, considering the North American trends. First, wagashi is good for the planet, environment, and human health as it is mostly made from plant-derived ingredients. Therefore, it is vegan- and vegetarian-friendly desserts. Second, wagashi would be accompanied by the tremendous matcha boom in Toronto. Wagashi is historically served with tea in Japan, thus, this dessert can be easily accepted by matcha-lovers.

Utilizing the marketing skills that I acquired from the internship experience and that I would pursue as a first career of full-time working in the future, I would like to expand my business by collaborating with food influences on different channels. 

I'm sure this business would success in Toronto, and surely I try my best to realize in the future!!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this!! See you next time!

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