Monday, April 8, 2024

New Intern: From Japan

Hi guys! I'm Mai Watanabe.

I joined Tenach as an intern two weeks ago, and I'm excited for new experience that I can get by working Tenatch!

Today, I would like to introduce myself briefly as my first task!

 My home city is Fujisawa, in Kanagawa. I was raised in beach city, so sometime miss smell of sea these days because here doesn't have it at all 😂. There is a famous tourist spot called " Enoshima" in my neighborhood. It is island connected to the main island by bridge, and has a shrine, hot spring, and many food stands. You can eat delicious seafood there.

Before I came here Toronto, I was a university student. The most enjoyable memory there was participating in the university beauty pageant. I made an effort to win the competition by making good post via various social media. The covid 19 was in full swing at that time, performance was conducted through broadcast and it was so stressful for me even I didn't speak in front of the audience. However from this experience, I learnt the fun of communication on social media, therefore I applied internship position in Tenach!

Thank you for full reading! I look forward to seeing you again!

Goodbye 👋

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