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Richmond's Sunflower Festival

 Hi all!

 What comes to your mind when you hear ”summer”? For me, I imagine Sunflowers! In Richmond, Canada, I highly recommend you to visit Richmond Country Farms.  In summer, they have the event called Richmond's Sunflower Festival. In this festival, first of all, you can ride the red steam train for free which is bound for the huge Sunflower field. We scream ”Yeehaw!” at once when the train leave. On the first car of this train, there is a man singing some songs with us. We see adorable animals like alpacas, horses, caws and goats during this short trip. It's full of joy.

After arrived at the Sunflower fields, let's look around over 90 varieties of Sunflowers, Dahlias and other flowers on 20 acres. Canadian Sunflowers are much bigger than Japanese one. I was astonished. They are like a pan or a human face. Not only yellow, they have colorful Sunflowers such as white, red and black. You can enjoy these amazing views with merry songs, cool smoothies and snacks.

 If you found favorite one, you could pick one and bring back home. There is also a maze of Sunflowers in the field. After you had a lot of fun, you leave there while getting on the red train or sorts of a track like the pic below. They sing a song cheerfully for you again as well!

 Next to the farm, there is a farm-to-table grocery store. Incredible variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables are available. You won't find such local fresh ingredients in a regular store.


  Btw, when you visit here in the season of Halloween, there is another festival called Pumpkin patch. Pumpkin version of what I introduced today. It'd be also interesting. Check it out!


Best season: Summer or Autumn

Location& Address: In Richmond, Canada
Richmond Country Farms, 12900 Steveston Hwy, Richmond

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