Sunday, January 28, 2024

Solo-lunch culture and business


Today let me talk about Japanese solo-culture as a business idea. It is very common for Japanese people to enjoy something alone in our daily life. Especially, I'll focus on solo-lunch culture.

When I came to Canada, I realized this is not popular for European, American and Canadian people around me. Except for Japanese, people might think eating alone is lonely and the thing those who don't have friends or family do. 

However, in Japan, we have many kinds of restaurant we can eat alone easily like ramen, beef bowl, casual dining restaurant and even Japanese BBQ! Nobody do not look at you as a lonely person since it's a quite normal option regardless of married or single. The pic below is a famous ramen chain restaurant. We even do not have to talk to a server. Self-service including order and payment make us focus on taste food deeply. At the same time, it reduce our direct labour costs and promote efficiency.

Of course it is wonderful to eat out with your friends or partner while enjoying conversation. on the other hand, everyone must have such a day when they'd like to enjoy tasty food quickly without socializing. Solo-lunch culture make you feel relaxed. We can take our mind off our work. 

Basically, there are various menu in this kind of restaurant. You don't need to worry about the amount of food. Also, some restaurants provide you nutritious set of food like the pic above with low prices and good quality. 

I believe people will realize how comfortable this solo-lunch culture is after they experience this. Everyone needs a little time alone and some personal space. I hope more people get to know the importance of "solo" in the future.

See ya!

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