Thursday, June 6, 2024

Business Idea: Crochet Subscription Box!

Today, I would like to share about my business idea. If you read my introduction blog, you might remember that I like to crochet:) (if you would like to read it, you can find it here: New Intern: An Introduction). My idea is a monthly subscription box that delivers everything you need to create beautiful crochet items inspired by different countries, along with a tiny booklet about the country of the month! While you enjoy various crochet patterns, such as Amigurumi, Clothing, house decor, and more, you can also learn about countries that the box features! This idea combines my interests: crochet and reading! 

For example, the first month's country is Canada! For the patterns, we provide a maple leaf coaster, Beaver amigurumi, and a Canada-inspired toque. We provide everything the subscribers need to create these products (yarn, hooks, stitch-markers, and yarn needles)! In addition, we include a booklet highlighting facts and tales of Canada's unique culture. This particular issue features the power of Canada's National Sport (no, not hockey, surprisingly): lacrosse! Lacrosse is particularly interesting in that it was established by Indigenous Peoples, yet still serves as a source of entertainment and fulfillment for many Canadians today! In the spring and summer months, it is a commonality to see minor lacrosse games in recreation centres across the country. 

The second month features Japanese-inspired patterns! The patterns would include an Amigurumi Fox, a Kimono-inspired Cardigan, and a Cherry blossom poach. The booklet explains the cultural significance behind the fox amigurumi and a chronology and explainer on the Kimono, providing customers with a basis for the importance of the garment from its development and early use, to its sustained presence in Japanese society.

Subscribers can expect a hands-on cultural exploration, skill development, and educational experience from the booklets! Beyond that, these are products that customers can wear and use--in this sense, the products encourage further cultural sharing with friends, family, and peers! I believe this is a wonderful way to appreciate our unique cultures and learn about and explore the world from the comfort of one's residence. Given Canada's position as a multicultural society, this service encourages understanding, co-existence, and connection, highlighting the higher principles of Canadian society. 

I hope you like my business idea and let me know if you have any suggestions or comments. Have a wonderful day:)

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