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Business Idea: I want to make your brand popular!


Hello everyone!

Allow me to present a business plan I'm considering for the future: branding small—to medium-sized companies. I'm particularly interested in pursuing this venture after graduation from college, and I believe it holds significant potential for growth and success.

I used to work for a large company, but I didn't find it interesting because the job roles in a large company were so finely divided. Therefore, I would like to do branding once at a small to medium-sized company through the entire process (interviews, problem finding, mood board creation, sketching, brand creation or re-branding) (I would like to work in Canada for about three years if possible).


Below is the company I have considered through my branding project.


Name: Café du Ciel

Business: World Themed Entertainment Cafe

Target: Men and women in their 16-30's

Persona 1:  Jan 38

She is a single mother with two small children. She wants to give her children a world travel experience but does not have the time or money. She wants to have a casual world travel experience during the weekend.

Persona 2: Tom  22

 He recently graduated from college and is a new employee in the company. He used to backpack around the world as a student and has fond memories of his life back then. He would like to travel abroad again but is too busy with work to take long holidays. He would like to travel the world casually during his holidays.

Persona 3: Eva 16

She has an older sister who is a college student. During her college vacations, she travels abroad with her friends. She is envious of her sister. She would like to go overseas with her friends, but her parents will not allow her to because she is in high school (and has no money). She wants to experience world travel with her friends without the help of her parents.


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That is all, thank you for reading to the end.

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