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Montreal in the Summer - A Treasure Trove of Cultural Events

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 3 Montreal Music Festivals to Visit 

This Summer

Summer! Summer! Summer!

Hello everyone. Canadian Summer is here!


Summer in Montreal has so many music events.

I will introduce you to some of the best ones to visit.

Reference: Tourism Montreal


Place des Arts, which means Place of Arts in French, has many music events. You may be worried about the cost of attending these events, but most shows are free!


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1.Francos de Montréal (June 14th to 22nd)

This French music festival is held at Place des Arts and its surrounding area.

Various genres of music are presented, and many shows are free to watch.


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2. La Fête Nationale du Québec (June 23rd and 24th)

This is an event celebrating the province of Quebec. Guests can enjoy live music, BBQ, parades, and more.


©Tourism Montreal

3. Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (June 27th to July)

This is a world-famous jazz festival with about 1,000 concerts.

Summer in Montreal is full of free events, so if you're visiting, it's definitely the best time to do so!

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