Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Self Introduction


My name is Ryo Aoyama. 

I studied computer programming in college for 2 years
I am currently focusing on web development. I love creating websites.

I have been abroad for quite a long time.
I live in Toronto for 3 years including a one-year stay for a working holiday. Additionally, I have also stayed in Australia for 2 years and in Philippines for 4 months.

The landscape of Toronto City from the Toronto Island

I applied for this internship because it would be a great opportunity for me to further develop my skills and gain practical experience in web development. I am also interested in observing how the team collaborates, communicates, and solves problems. I have never worked in a remote team as well. I would like to experience that.

I love snowboarding. I go to the mountain(essentially, it is a hill as there is no mountain in Ontario) every year. If you are in Toronto, and like snowboarding, Let's go to the mountain together!

St. Louis Moonstone

I look forward to working with you guys

Thank you

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