Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Pop up movie theatre business


This time around, I`ll share a business idea that I`m interested in. It is Pop up movie theatre.

Conventional movie theatre is placed on an one location permanently like Cineplex. Opposite to that, pop up theatre is small theatre which is opened at various places temporarily. 

Unlike conventional theaters, relatively, it is available to cut costs of rental or constructing building to set up a small theatre.


For example, it can be set up at vacant store which is located in regional city, and hold seasonal limited show based on a specific season, which would enhance effect of attracting customers.

In addition, it has potential that can entertain non-movie fans and make them get interested in movies. For instance, collaborating with local restaurant and play a movies related to the restaurant like cooking, Italian, French, Bollywood, sort of those movies, then, customers can enjoy meals with them. And it is able to serve a talk show or live event too.


Of course, it can give movie fans great opportunities as well. In downtown, people can watch a variety of movies including independent movies and old movies. However, in regional city or countrysides, it`s a little bit difficult to watch those kind of movies, because huge movie theatre like Cineplex usually release latest movies which expect to obtain a lot of box office revenue. But, pup up theatre can play any movies anywhere. That can be mutual benefit for business and movie fans.

As a one of movie fans, I`m interested in this business and believe that it can open up new markets and customers, which can develop whole movie industry more.

Thank you for reading!

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